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wednesday. the parent called police after they saw him taking pictures of children. police say they checked his phone and found images of kids at the gym. they later found more images of children at his home. teachers at the school said they were thankful for this vigilant parent. >> we think that a parent was vigilant enough to see that someone had been hanging around here that should not be here, and that they took the time to call the police and they came out right away to, um, address the situation. >> the owner of the school says the gym is fitted with security systems inside and out. police say they're still investigating whether the man had any inappropriate contact with those kids. a judge has asked for more information before deciding whether a sex axe buice case brought against the moraga school district can proceed. in the '90s, teacher dan witters and another teach sexually abused her. nbc bay area spoke with a whistle-blower, a former teacher, who said students came to her to complain about the
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abuse and she told administrator, but the district didn't respond. the district hid the fact that it knew about the case. >> we think the hearing went very well. the judge is giving it serious consideration and we were confident that the base would go forward and the trial date would be set shortly. effectively, the district is asking for a get out of jail free card. >> the district wanted the case dismissed. the attorneys for the district said this may be beyond the statute of limitations and ther accusations came to light in 2010. they say there are other remedies for kristen cannane. oakland police are releasing photos of a bank robbery hoping the public can identify the suspect. just before noon on thursday this man approached a teller at a bank on harrison street and demanded money. after the robbery he ran off and was seen walking in the area of 20th and webster streets. he's described in his 40s with a shaved head and a thin mustache.
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milpitas police believe the man can put an end to a rash of robberies in the area. 32-year-old hunter thompson was arrested with a bank robbery there march 9th. he is suspected of two robberies in palo alto, one at a walgreen's and at a credit union. police are investigating these crimes. the team's 2012 mvp is making headlines with one of the biggest baseball contracts ever. mindy bach of comcast sportsnet joins us from at&t. how much and for how long? >> reporter: oh, terry, it's a very big deal. buster posey, the most lucrative contract ever in franchise history, eight years and $167 million, but he got read per game two for the a ease just like he would and he's also catching this evening and the one thing about buster posey, national league mvp won the batting title this year and national league rookie of the
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year and just two full seasons that he played with the giant, and of course, the one year he was injured and the manager bruce posey said this is a good deal for the fans and for the team and for buster posy and it may seem like a lot of money and he is returning of the days for old where they lock up the core players long term and can will build around them and he's pleased that the giants have done that. >> of course, the most lucrative contract belongs to matt cane which came last year. so the giants have one of their ace pitchers and their catcher locked up for years to come, and of course, he's coming after the extended manager bruce bochy and brian sabian through 2016. the giants are set with their core for years to come, terry. this is a big contract and the team will have a press conference at 5:30, so we'll hear more from bruce bochy on the contract from buster posey coming up at 6:00. >> mindy, thanks very much. you can watch the game on nbc bay area. the broadcast home of the world series champion giants. the game will get started
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immediately following the 6:00 news. a programming note "fashion star" will air at 8:00. "grimm" at 9:00 and "rock center" at 10:00 following the game. catholics marched the first good friday under the reign of pope francis. they gathered at st. mary's church today. it marks the day jesus was crucified on the cross and died. the easter season represents a time of rebirth and renewal. for catholic, it is also time for new beginnings. >> he is asking us -- we all remember the poor and helping everybody and no matter what religion you are, what a great thought. >> the holy week culminates on easter sunday when christians say jesus rose from the dead and pope francis led his first good friday and continued to focus on the importance of humility. tonight the new pontiff led the
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way of the cross of the ancient roman coliseum as he was led to his death on the cross. earlier he presided over the service in st. peter's basilica. yesterday pope francis washed the feast inmates at a youth detention facility, a showing of simplicity and humility. many people spend time outdoors and think egg hunts. mother nature may throw a kink in those plans. the beautiful weather we saw today and are still seeing not going to stick around for the weekend. meteorologist jeff ranieri has more. >> as it continues to get closer it is going tap into a decent amount of moisture and you can see that storm system offshore. the core of the low pressure right there as we're highlighting it, but again, it's got quite a ways to get here before we start to actually get some heavier pockets of rain. right now developing offshore in the doppler radar, you can see a few bands of showers. the atmosphere is very dry
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across the bay area and a lot of that not even touching the ground, but we may see spotty showers at the coastline for tonight. the area of low pressure will continue to drop down and tap into a southerly humid flow and produce not only showers, but the possibility of thunderstorms. here are a couple of the highlights. saturday clouds increase and cooler and sunday, the worst weather day with the chance of rain and also thunderstorms and this will be the hit and miss type of variety of storm where we'll get periods of rain, periods of clearing and more rain returning. i'll have the full time line up coming up in the forecast. you don't want to miss it. >> all right, jeff. >> still to come, expectant mothers and stress. the new link and how it can impact the baby. we've never had a complaint of this nature and of this type. >> two dental offices under the microscope and thousands told to get an hiv test. what health inspectors say they found that is causing concern. police say she faked a rape. tonight, another bizarre twist
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in the case. what prosecutors say this woman posted on facebook just before filing a false report.
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new details tonight in the case of a woman who police say faked her rape at uc santa cruz last month. prosecutors say 20-year-old morgan triplet seen in court posted two ads on craigslist the day before the alleged rape hoax. authorities say in one ad she offered sex to anyone who would shoot her in the shoulder. she asked someone to punch, kick and bruise her and she promised she won't file charges. one person did respond to the ad and she called 911 to report a rape. she pled not guilty in today's hearing and is due back in court today. overseas tensions are escalating with north korea. russia and china are getting anxious. they expressed increasing
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concern. in north korea's capital thousands rallied in support of their leader. kim jong-un shouting death to the imperialists and that followed a clear message to the u.s. in which stealth bombers and b-52s dropped weapons just a few miles from north korea. the display was part of a drill, but president kim responded by ordering his missiles to be ready to strike the u.s. and south korea. north korea's weapons can't travel far enough to reach the u.s. >> former south african president nelson mandela is in good spirits as he recovers from persistent lung infection. the 94-year-old was admitted to the hospital earlier this week. it's his third stay since december. mandela's son announced today that his father was in good spirits and has been able to eat well. the former president contracted tuberculosis when he was a political prisoner and has had lung problems ever since. a health scare for thousands of former patients of an oklahoma debtist who are being told they may have been exposed
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to hepatitis and hiv. the 7,000 patients were possibly exposed through unsanitary conditions at doctor w. scott harrington's two offices after a former patient tested positive for hepatitis c. they found rusty instruments and potentially infected drug vials that hadn't been inspected in at least six years.3eez dr. harrington had little to say about the investigation. >> he said i don't handle that. talk to my assistants. sterilization questions. i don't handle that. talk to my assistants. >> those assistants may have committed felonies at the practice. >> dr. harrington has a hearing on april 19th at which he can lose his certification. >> in health matters, extreme stress during pregnancy may increase the risk for still birth. research for the national center women in the year before they gave birth.
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women, caring for a sick loved one, but those who had multiple stressors appeared to have an increased risk for still birth. >> and there's a new treatment option for the 24 million americans who had type 2 diabetes. the fda has approved a new drug, made by johnson & johnson and is the first of its kind to use a new method to lower blood sugar. the medication works by blocking the reabsorption of sugar into the kidneys. ups is paying $40 million to end the federal probe connected to delivery it makes to online pharmacies. the department of justice says it will take steps to block ilisity online dealers. it will make up the money it collected from suspicious online pharmacies. its biggest rival, fedex has been a target of the federal investigation. the investigation is part of a global crackdown of pharmacies that started a decade ago. a bay area job boost led by
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hiring in the tech sector. let's get the numbers from the business and tech reporter scott budman. >> that boosted it fordl california. 41,000 jobs were created in california during february. the biggest single category was technology and san jose and san francisco each saw nearly 9,000 new high tech jobs added last month. no job growth individual effects area, and that has hit the bay area. an academy-award winning berkeley has respect for movies like "twilight" and "jurassic park." the business has been hit very hard recently and facebook wants to make friends with your android device. it is sending out invitations about the event next week, prommesing to show us its new home on android. we'll let you know what they mean come tuesday morning.
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there are rumors swirling around this one including the re-appearance of the facebook phone rumor. we will keep you posted. janelle? >> thanks so much, scott. day two of the bay bridge series. pitcher madison bum gartner rallied the troops. the pitcher wanted to thank the groundscrew at the ballpark for keeping the field in pristine shape. >> the grounds crew guys here they do a lot of work behind the scenes and nobody sees it and they don't get much credit for it and it becomes to be kind of expected. i want to give back to them a little bit. >> he held a barbecue for those grounds keepers. he is a farm boy from north carolina and he knows what kind of hard work it takes to keep the field in shape. >> we're talking about rain coming our way and it's going to come on a very important day. >> it's a holiday weekend. >> it sure is. this forecast, of course, is of utmost importance. we will get a few dry periods in here as well and it will be a
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mixed bag. one thing's for sure, the system is expanding quite a bit, and you can see the circulation of the low pressure and it's too 2,000 miles away and as we put a tilt on this, it's quite a bit of buildup here and a sign of instability on this that may produce thunderstorms as we head throughout your upcoming weekend. we'll track that timing here in just a minute, but let's get a look at doppler radar. we do have showers offshore and any of that will have a tough time making it to us tonight. we have a stray shower on the coastline and that's about it at this point. >> if you're heading out to at&t park. temperatures in the 60s for pregame and as we head to 8:00 and 9:00, temperatures in the 50s and mainly cloudy skies and a look at the next 12 hours and we'll show the cloud cover all of the way to the interior valleys and we'll keep it cloudy for tomorrow morning and our best chance of showers at 11:00 a.m. we'll be at the coastline
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and by the bay and we'll have the live hd sky-cam ra network this friday. we made it everyone. you can see we do have haze and cloud cover building in san jose. off to the north we pointed this one off to the sky. fremont winning out with some of the most gorgeous skies tonight. we ha we have zero stratus and cumulus. the fog has rolled in so dramatically different pictures here across the bay area as the atmosphere starts to get stirred up offshore. let's get back to what we have happening. low pressure gets closer to us tomorrow and a little bit more humid and that will help to spark up the thunderstorms and namely on friday's forecast, and there are a few caveats with this system. rainfall totals will widely range from a tenth of an inch to a half inch for some spots just depending on the exact track. this one is a hard one to track because it's detafrped from the jet stream. it's what we call cut off low pressure system and a very high uncertainty with the storm track throughout saturday and sunday.
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here's our best guess right now. very cloudy here at 7:00 a.m. on saturday. i think for the most part your saturday will be dry and a few showers as we head throughout the evening hours and we'll hold off for the heaviest pockets of rain and it's showing widespread rain, but it will come in more in waves here.lav periods of rain. periods of clearing as we head throughout the sunday forecast. no doubt even throughout the afternoon on sunday, and this one is when it does look to be the wettest in the forecast. upper 40s and low 50s from st. helena to santa rosa and 53 in san jose. on your saturday forecast we go to the saturdays and more humid with the air coming from the southerly pacific and the temperatures in the upper 60s to near 70 degrees and 68 also in the castro valley and san francisco cooling off to 63. 50s at the coastline. on your three-day forecast again, chance of showers late in
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the evening on saturday and chance of thunderstorms for easter sunday and the lingering shou or monday and as we head throughout the rest of your seven day we do get sun for parts of next week and yes, we get more rain in here and much-needed rain by thursday and also on friday. >> showers aren't bad. we need the rain and we can manage. >> good for theal lar allergies good for the pollen. >> these warm showers come with your clothes on. >> still ahead. controversial comment on same-sex marriage shocked her fans. now she's making headline again. what michelle shock is wearing in this video.
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controversial singer michelle shot turned her canceled show into a protest performance in santa cruz last night. she staged a sit-in wearing a mask across her mouth, silenced by fire. it was one of several which canceled the singer's concert date after a performance at yoshi's. the restaurant closed off her mike after the crowd became angry at her anti-gay statements. she invited bystanders to sign her white jump suits. she called the event an art project. al# british actor best kno as the uncle of harry potter has died at the age of 6537 richard griffiths won numerous awards for his theater.
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he gained worldwide fame as uncle vernon. he died from complications following heart surgery. >> okay. we'll be right back.
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humans at the cincinnati zoo are going to great lengths to raise a baby gorilla abandoned by its mother. they make gorilla sounds to make that baby feel loved and right at home. baby gladys is growing fast. she is nearly ready to walk on all fours. who will will eventually hopefully raise her. she was born to a first-time mother who had no idea how to be a mom. >> she loves that piggyback
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ride. gladys. >> what a great name. so cute! the easter bunny will also be out and about this weekend. >> yes. >> we'll get a little bit of rainfall and it won't be a problem for the easter bunny. we'll see chance of showers for saturday and the heaviest with the rainfall with the storm system will be on sunday and also a possibility of isolated thunderstorms and temperatures will cool off into the upper 60s and we'll have a few showers lingering for monday. keep the umbrella g= nearby. >> see you at 6:00.
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on our broadcast tonight, nuclear threats from the 28-year-old leader of north korea, ordering missiles ready to strike. our team has reached the heavily fortified border between north and south where tensions are high as we head into easter weekend.
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the health scare for thousands now being tested for hiv and hepatitis. tonight what health officials found at their dentist's office that made them sound therm. autism and vaccines. the cdc says a big number of parents still aren't getting their kids vaccinated. tonight a major new report and a reality check from our own dr. nancy snyderman. and divine inspiration. on tv and at the movies, millions are tuning in as hollywood takes a leap of faith on the biggest best-seller of all time. "nightly news" begins now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news with brian williams." good evening. on this good friday night as america heads into easter weekend, this nation's intelligence experts are trying to figure out how seriously to take the threats of the 28-year-old leader of north korea. untested, under threat, still new to the job he inherited from
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his father, if he's serious about what he's been saying about the u.s. and south korea, it's very bad news indeed, but figuring that part out is tricky. for now tensions are high, and today our own team reached a spot within sight of north korea itself, a south korean island where they can see the enemy and feel the current tension in the air. so we begin with our report from nbc's ian williams. >> reporter: brian, this island is less than ten miles from the north. there have been clashes in this area before. and today they watched anxiously as north korea summoned thousands to pyongyang in support of kim jong-un's call to arms. ♪ tens of thousands turned out in north korea's capital, chanting "death to the u.s. imperialists." north korean leader kim jong-un presided over what was called an urgent meeti

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